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Our products are very affordable and are used by experts in car cleaning and detailing. We make use of SAFEarth products, these products are eco-friendly car care products that will keep your car in tiptop shape. Manufacturers of SAFEarth Products understand the importance of protecting our environment and the individuals who use our products every day.

The impact these chemicals can have on Nature’s health and on our health, can range significantly depending on the types of products we use. With that in mind, SAFEarth Products have developed a range of environmentally and human contact friendly products. These products have been thoroughly field tested in order to ensure that quality and performance are not compromised by the friendly formulas. SAFEarth products are bio-degradable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, acid free and ozone safe.

We care greatly about your car as a result we make use of the best brands. Our mission is to make sure you enjoy not only the way your car drives, but also the way it looks. Come and try our service and never go back. Products we use to enhance your car looks are also briefly introduced as follows; the Auto magic Hydro Shine; is a high gloss express polymer spray for use on wet exterior surfaces. Provides a lasting quick shine to clear coats and other types of painted plastic surfaces. Econo wash & Wax is an economical shampoo for cleaning exterior vehicle surfaces, it rinses easily for less wipe down time.

Pressure Wash is a superior concentrated cleaning powder that is ideal for high pressure washing of automobiles and engines. Wash and Wax concentrate is a thick lather shampoo for cleaning exterior vehicle surfaces.


  • Pre-owned Vehicles
  • In-dash Stereo and Backup Camera
  • Dealer Services
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Home Special Service

Shoals Dealer Featured Services

Our Services

Detailing Service

Basic Wash – Wash/wax, Vac, Tires dressing.
Premium Wash – B.W + Engine Spray + 2XTires Dress.
Extended Premium – P.W + Engine Restore + Shampoo. + H.Light+Deo.
Headlight Restoration – Restore Lens for better vision at Night.
Protect Mats Covers – Quality Mats*4 “Dealer Remove Only”
Inside Detail Only – Carpet, Dash Restoration, Stain

Preventive Maintenance

Wiper Blades Replacement – Parts not included.
Wiper Blades Replacement – Includes Parts.
Air Filter Replacement – Includes Parts.
Front Or Rear Brakes.

Home Special Service

Radio Diagnostic – Free Diagnostic with Purchase of Service.
Car Audio Installation – Radio Only.
Installation Kit – Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Toyota etc.
Speakers – Sony, Pioneer, Dual, Phillips etc.
Custom Installation – Special Order or All in One Pack.

Items For Sale

Top Brand Radio – Sony, Pioneer, Dual, Phillips, etc.
Premium All Weather Safe Mats – Beige, Silver, Black.
Bluetooth Speaker – Black, Blue, White.
Steering Wheel Cover – One Size Fit All (Premium Design)
Replace Floor Carpet – Original Carpet Replacement.
Used Floor Mats – Details Used Floor Mats
Used Battery With Core – 15 Days Exchange Only


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